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About our cooperative

About our cooperative - Cooperativa per il Restauro

Cooperativa per il restauro operates interventions of various kinds on assets of any material in the archaeological, monumental-architectural and artistic fields.

In addition to the conservation intervention we provide all the services that are necessary to the preservation and the promotion and enhancement of cultural assets, such as:

- elaboration of restoration projects;

- stratigraphic surveys, diagnostics, and state of conservation surveys;

- cataloguing systems;

- technical advice to professionals (operational management, specialist reports, budgeting)

- technical assistance to companies in restoration sites;

- assistance for the transportation of artifacts of artistic, historical, and architectural interest;

- monitoring and scheduled maintenance interventions;

- emergency response, supervision and safety operations.

 - rope interventions.


Aside from the restoration we also deal with collateral events, publications, funding practices and sponsorships, design and implementation of multimedia projects aimed at the divulgation of historical, artistic and technical data, and of all knowledge acquired during our work.

Remarkable works

Remarkable works - Cooperativa per il Restauro

La Scala Theatre - Milan

Restoration of the facades and the decorations on the inside.

Cooperativa per il restauro has been working for the theatre since 1999, including extraordinary maintenance, monitoring and ordinary maintenance interventions on all valuable surfaces (internal and external) of the main building of the theatre.