Cooperativa per il Restauro Restoration and conservation of cultural heritage
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Our services - Cooperativa per il Restauro

In addition to the conservation intervention Cooperativa per il restauro provide all the services that are necessary to the preservation and the promotion and enhancement of cultural assets, such as:


 - elaboration of restoration projects;

 - stratigraphic surveys, diagnostics investigations, and state of conservation surveys of the cultural heritage;

 - cataloguing services and systems for cultural heritage;

 - technical consulting to professionals (operational management, specialist reports, budgeting);

 - technical assistance to companies in restoration sites;

 - assistance in handling objects for the transportation of artifacts of artistic, historical, and architectural interest;

 - monitoring and scheduled maintenance interventions;

 - emergency response, supervision and safety operations.

 - Rope climbing interventions performed by expert personnel trained for operations at heights using access and positioning systems by means of ropes on natural and artificial sites (In compliance with Legislative Decree No. 81 of 9 April 2008 -Attachment XXI- and Legislative Decree No. 106 of 3 August 2009. CEE Directive of 2001/45/CE).